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Primary Investigator: Der-Hwa Victoria Rau Ph.D.
MA Theses Advised (Providence University) Wang, Peihan C. 2005. A Functional comparison between Actually and Qishi in spoken discourse.
Tzeng, Guo-Sheng . 2005. Sociolinguistic variation of Mandarin alveolopalatal initials (tþ-), (tþ'-), (þ-) in the Beipu Hakka Community, Taiwan
Hung, Meng-Yu. 2005. The dynamic functions of Hao in business negotiation in Taiwan.
Chang, Hui-Huan Ann. 2004. Phonological variation of (th) among EFL learners in Taiwan.
Huang, Peggy. 2003. Translation quality assessment on a Chinese version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Wu, Angela. 2003. A study of Chinese tonal variation in Puli, Nantou County, Taiwan.
Kuo, Wen-kang. 2003. The proficiency and gender differences in reading strategies used by junior high school students toward the Basic Competence Test.
Lu, Chris. 2002. Exploration of Chinese children's metalinguistic development in word definitions.
Chen, Vicky. 2002. Interlanguage variation on English past tense marking in Chinese students' writing.
Kim, Ming-Kuo. 2002, Language learning strategies and proficiency of Korean learners of Chinese.
Yang, Hsiao-fang. 2002. Subgrouping and reconstruction of Batanic languages.
Huang, Thomas. 2001. A case study of designing and integrating a web-based instruction course on children's English learning.
Lin, Daphne. 2001. A study of designing a course web site to facilitate sociolinguistics learning.
Chen, Adeline. 2001. Interlanguage variation in the production of English (r) by Taiwanese learners.
Tsai, Yu. 2001. A sociolinguistic variation study of Southern Min central vowels in Jincheng of Kinmen.
Li-Chen, Teresa. 2001. Enhancing English communicative and writing ability via international e-mail interaction.
Chang, Ruo-wen. 2001. A study of narrative structure and evaluative device in personal narratives of children.
Chen, Frank. 2000. A study of the relationship between English communicative strategies and oral proficiency evaluated by SLOPE.
Fu, Beryl. 1999. Social network and tonal variation: a case study of Tantze Junior High School.
Chen, Patsy. 1998. A sociolinguistic study of second language proficiency, language use, and language attitude among the Yami in Lanyu.
Chen, Jane. 1998. Interlanguage variation of the use of English articles from Chinese students' journal writing.
Chen, Li-ling. 1998. A study of Chinese spatial and temporal concepts as encoded in “qian" and "hou".
Shih, Louise. 1997. Yami word structure.
Cai, Qing-Fen. 1996. Story-telling: A study of children's use of referring terms.
Lin, Yow-Rong. 1996. An analysis of the use of "nin" and "ni" in The Mundane World.
Liao, Yueh-Jen. 1995. A study of borrowing, imposition, and code-switching between Taiwanese and Mandarin.
Li, Jessica. 1995. A study of phonological variation of Mandarin (ts), (tsh), and (s).
Chen, Shu-Yi. 1994. Sex differences in communication as reflected in conversation between husbands and wives.
Chu, Wo-Yun. 1993. A pragmatic study of newspaper headlines on political news.

Undergraduate Research Projects Advised ( Providence University ) Chen, Hsiu-Hui. 1996. Sociolinguistic survey of western Rukai in Taitung (in Chinese), Providence University Student Summer Research Project, NSC 852815-CI 26-01-012H.
Wang, Chang-E. 1994. Atayal narratives with a phonological description (in Chinese), Providence University Student Summer Research Project, NSC 8301 15-C126-01-032H.
Huang, Po-Ya. 1994. Sediq narratives with a phonological description. Providence University Student Summer Research Project, NSC 83-0115-C126-01031 H.
Courses Taught

Providence University
Graduate School of Western Languages & Literature, MA program in English:
Phonetics (Articulatory & Acoustic), Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Sociolinguistics, Research Design and Statistics for Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Field Methods, Language Contact and Bilingualism, Linguistic Variation, Austronesian Linguistics, Sociolinguistic Dialectology, Qualitative Research Methods, English for Specific Purposes, Interlanguage Variation
English Department (Undergraduate program)
Phonetics & Phonology, Syntax, Sociolinguistics, Applied linguistics, Child Language Acquisition, Advanced Linguistics, Freshman English Composition, Intermediate English Composition, Academic writing, Introduction to Interpreting, Introduction to English Linguistics, Advanced English, Psycholinguistics, Language Assessment, Conversation, Linguistic analysis
Chinese Department
Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Taiwan Aboriginal Languages
Extension Education Program
Translation and Interpretation, English Language Testing, Technology in Second Language Teaching
Cornell University
Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics
Indonesian Grammar, Tagalog Grammar, FALCON-Indonesian, Chinese Language Courses of all levels, FALCON-Chinese, English Grammar
University of Minnesota
Department of Asian Studies
Beginning and Intermediate Chinese Language Courses

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