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2. Events

                         News : The latest news about “Digital Archiving of Yami Language Documentation”

                         Events : Activities of “Digital Archiving of Yami Language Documentation”

3.Introduction to the Yami    
Yami language : Introduction to the language of Yami on Orchid island

Culture : Introduction to the flying fish culture of Yami

Sacrificial rites : Introduction to sacrificial rites : dedication ceremonies

Photos : Enjoy the beauty of the Yami from their (1) historical relics, (2) life, (3) scenic views, (4) flying fish, (5) boats, and (6) villages.
Historical relics : a stone bench, drift wood, cultural artifacts, etc.

Life : Lanyu’s pigs, taro fields, food, church, dancing women, etc.
Scenic views : Tank Rock, Two lions Rocks, Jipaleytan, the landmarks of Iratay,

Yayo, etc.

Flying fish : washing and drying flying fish, preparing for cooking fresh flying fish, etc.

Boats : Yami boats, boat houses, etc.
Villages : views of Ivalino village, roofs, porches, etc.

4.Yami Corpus

                             Stories : Learning the Yami language through twenty Yami stories.
Corpus1 : An escaped convict- Gao Jin-Zhong
Corpus2 : Faking death to scare the teacher
Corpus3 : Give back my pandanus!
Corpus4 : Tying up pigs
Corpus5 : Mob fight
Corpus6 : I am a loving person
Corpus7 : Grandpa, come eat taro
Corpus8 : I killed a pig
Corpus9 : Helping Grandpa pull his tooth
Corpus10 : The hand that got stuck in the coral reefs
Corpus11 : Bye Grandpa
Corpus12 : An old man, children and longans
Corpus13 : I want a divorce
Corpus14 : We caught foxes
Corpus15 : The story f the tazokok bird
Corpus16 : The story about a crab
Corpus17 : Fate of two brothers
Corpus18 : Catching fish with a ghost
Corpus19 : The fisherman who came from the sea
Corpus20 : The child who entered a rock

                          Life : Learning about the Yami daily lives through 20 videos and sounds.
Corpus1 : Fishing at night
Corpus2 : Singing with hands clapping
Corpus3 : Throwing fists with glaring eyes
Corpus4 : Beckoning flying fish ceremony
Corpus5 : Greetings
Corpus6 : Holding a millet ceremony
Corpus7 : Millet
Corpus8 : Weeding in the millet fields
Corpus9 : Tying a rope
Corpus10 : Thatch
Corpus11 : Worshipping Ceremony
Corpus12 : Sacrifice (pazos) in the Iraralay village
Corpus13 : The first trip to Taiwan
Corpus14 : Legal matters
Corpus15 : Music and dance
Corpus16 : Numbers in Yami
Corpus17 : The first candidate’s (Zhang Tang-Cun) speech at a political rally
Corpus18 : The second candidate’s (sian Jialamaw) speech at a political rally
Corpus19 : The third candidate’s (Zhou Gui-Guang) speech at a political rally
Corpus20 : The fourth candidate’s (Guo Jian-Ping or Paul Knight) speech at a political rally

5. About the Project

                         Description : Goals of the project

                         Flow chart : Project schedule

6.Project Schedule

the second year : Second year’s schedule (2006/8/1 to 2007/8/31)

the first year : First year’s schedule (2005/9/1 to 2006/8/31)

7.Publications : References

8.Digital Archiving

                          Keyword search for the Yami Corpus

XML-transfer of keyword search

                          OLAC analysis of keyword search

9. Research Team

Primary investigator : Introduction of the primary investigator, Dr. Der-Hwa Victoria Rau

Co-primary investigator : Introduction of the co-primary investigator, Dr. Meng-Chien Yang

Consultants : Introduction of the five Yami consultants

Technical staff : Introduction of the four technical staff members and their responsibilities

English editors : Introduction of the two English editors and their responsibilities

Graduate students : Introduction of the seven graduate students and their responsibilities


10.Link : Links to websites related to this project