[Yami Corpus]

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Main Classification Num Yami subject English subject
Living Fishing 01 mamacik Fishing at night
Workroom 02 mikaryag Singing with hands Clapping
Greetings 03 ipiminaminasi Greetings
Food 04 kadai Millet
Food 05 mamoong Weeding in the Millet Fields
Workroom 06 vocid Thatch
Fish 07 makozay a among About dried fish
Interviews 08 pacicien o kanakan Interviewing children
Relatives 09 si maran mo Concerning Your Uncle
Food 10 mimoa so wakay Planting Sweet Potatoes
Fishing 11 mangarayo Catching Dolphin Fish
descendants 12 Abo so taodtod One who has no descendants
Food 13 asiasi no kayo Fruit
Jivalino 14 sira Jivalino

The villagers of Jivalino

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