Digital Archiving Yami Language project schedule (2006-2007)

Time: 8/1/2006-7/31/2007

1. Acquiring high quality video and audio archiving datathe project team will attempt to acquire the best        digitalized quality of all images, videos and audio recordings. All digital archives are annotated and labeled with metadata. We will do our best to make a complete and comprehensive digital archive database for the Yami language and design a mechanism to keep these records for the new generations to com.
Constructing a better e-learning environmentthe project team will produce and collect comprehensively described e-learning materials and learning objects. The team will promote the idea of learning the Yami language through e-learning.
Standardizing the procedures of digital archiving: The team will summarize and develop the standard procedures. We will write up the report on archiving for future research or documentation of other endangered languages.








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