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Project description:

The approach comprises a comprehensive series of steps to collect and record the Yami language. Although the complete work of documentation will take many years, the Yami language is in danger of being lost due to rapid urbanization. Therefore, we have developed a strategy to make language items available in learning materials as soon as they have been collected, taking advantage of information technology and computer networking. Using these technologies we have developed an integrated platform for documenting, processing and learning that will help both Yami youngsters and other students taking Yami as a second language.

The integrated platform is built on a main web server with several supporting servers. The main server is designed as the server for resource management and the supporting servers are designed for different purposes. The purpose of this design is to effectively edit the oral recording of the Yami language and to create the language learning materials. The proposed platform includes three subsystems:

• a subsystem to manage and edit the digital archiving of the Yami language,

• a subsystem to handle the workflow of collecting oral recordings of the Yami language,

• a subsystem to create and manage the Yami language learning materials.

Each subsystem is installed on one or two servers. All these subsystems are illustrated on the Flowchart.

The proposed framework was developed for an ongoing grant-supported project for archiving and documenting the Yami language (ELDP, MDP0114). The collection of Yami language materials began in 1994.








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