A Grammar of Yami

9 Numbers
 9.1 Counting numbers
 9.2 Counting humans, animals, or objects
 9.3 Counting money
 9.4 Counting time
The following are examples of how to count time:
One day One month One year Once
kasa a araw kasa a vehan kasa a kawan ipisa so ka-(verb)

Notice the prefix ka- in (151) is a verbal prefix but a nominal prefix in (152). We will discuss the uses of ka- in Section 10.

(151) ko ka-sa araw do jia.

1.S.NOM VF-one day LOC here

‘I am here for only one day.'

(152) ipi-sa so ka-ngay namen mi-kazazap do mahep am.

time-one OBL NF-go 1.P.GEN.EXCL AF-search.for.crabs LOC evening PAR

‘Once we went to search for crabs in the dark.'