A Grammar of Yami

9 Numbers
 9.1 Counting numbers
 9.2 Counting humans, animals, or objects
 9.3 Counting money
The units for counting money include: ngernan a single digit’, poo ‘ten, a double digit’, ranaw ‘a hundred’, zivo ‘a thousand’, laksa ‘ten thousand’, and latos ‘a hundred thousand’, as follows:
$1 asa a ngernan $30 atlo a poo $6,000 anem a zivo
$2 adoa a ngernan $70 apito a poo $70,000 apito a laksa
$3 atlo a ngernan $90 asiam a poo $80,000 awao a laksa
$4 apat a ngernan $100 asa a ranaw $90,000 asiam a laksa
$16 anem a ngernan o ikaroa na poo $200 adoa a ranaw $100,000 asa a latos
$27 apito a ngernan o ikatlo na poo $300 atlo a ranaw $200,000 adoa a latos
$38 wao a ngernan o ikapat na poo $4,000 apat a zivo $300,000 atlo a latos
$20 adoa a poo $5,000 alima a zivo $400,000 apat a latos

Note: In counting people, ngernan means ‘ten’.

Note: In counting people, poo means ‘one hundred’.