A Grammar of Yami

8 Comparative Constructions
 8.1 Comparatives with reduplication
 8.2 Comparatives with affixation
 8.3 Comparatives with both reduplication and affixation

  Comparatives can also be formed by prefixing ka- after reduplicating the entire root, as in (145). Alternatively, the root can be partially reduplicated and prefixed with a reduplicated prefix ikeyka- ‘getting even more' (=ika-+ika), as in (146). The single complement is in the Genitive case.


(145) ka-tava-táva no kois nio.

very-RED-fat GEN pig 2.P.GEN

‘How fat your pigs are!'

(146) ike-yka-ve-vek da no aro a tao a

IF-RED-RED-make.an.effort 3.P.GEN GEN many LIN human LIN mi-limoang nia.

AF-spread 3.S.GEN

‘Those people tried even harder to spread it around.'

note:ikeyka- can be directly added to a root to form expressions as follows, e.g., ikeyka-rahet na ‘make it even worse', ikeyka-pia na ‘make it even better', ikeyka-niahey na ‘make it even more scary', ikeyka-miying na ‘make it even funnier'.