A Grammar of Yami

8 Comparative Constructions

  The conjuction aka is used to connect the comparator and the compared. If the NP following the conjunction is a personal name or a kinship term, the determiner is the Genitive ni , as in (134), otherwise, no is used, as in (136). If the compared is a pronoun, it should be in the Genitive free form, as in (135).


(134) ya ma-tava-tava si Ina aka ni Ama.

AUX SV-RED-fat NOM Mother CON GEN Father

‘Mother is fatter than Father.'

(135) ya ko rake-rakeh aka nimo.


‘I am older than you are.'

(136) ya naro-naro o cinalolot aka no sisikod.

AUX RED-long NOM spear CON GEN wooden.stick

‘The spear is longer than the wooden stick.'