A Grammar of Yami

6 Structure of Verbal Clauses
 6.1 Constructions with auxiliary verbs
 6.2 Constructions with multiple verbs
 6.3 The form of verbs
 6.4 Existential verbs
 6.5 Imperative verb forms
 6.6 Causative pa-

  The causative prefix pa- is very productive. It can be added directly to a verbal root to form a transitive verb, as pa-en or ipa- in (105)-(106) or form an intransitive verb, as mapi- or mapa - in (107)-(108).

(105) pa-dket-en ko pa o ya ni-ma-zizi a vakong.

CAU-adhere-PF 1.S.GEN first NOM AUX PA-SV-tear LIN book

‘I will first mend the torn book.'

(106) mo i-pa-kan so manok nio o ri?

2.S.GEN IF-CAU-eat OBL chicken 2.P.GEN NOM that.

‘Is that what you will use to feed your chickens'

(107) no to nake-nakém-a o nizpi ya am, ji mapi-ra-raten.

If AUX RED-think-PF.SUB NOM money this TOP EMP CAU-RED-forbid

‘If (one) keeps thinking about the money, it will cause (one) to sin.'

(108) ya ni-mapa-lavi so kanakan o mavakes.

AUX PA-CAU-cry OBL child NOM woman

‘The woman caused a child to cry.'

note:mapi- can be added to a verbal root or a noun root to form an agentive noun, e.g., mapi-viniay ‘someone who raises animals', mapi-vatvatek ‘teacher'.