A Grammar of Yami

5 Word Order of Predicational Constructions
 5.1 Nominal predicate clauses
There are three types of Nominal Predicate Clauses: Classificational, Identificational, and Possessive.

5.1.1 Classificational

In Classificational Nominal Predicate Clauses, the Predicate contains only a generic noun to represent the classification of the Subject. In (8) and (9), the Predicates contain mapivatvatek ‘teacher' and dehdeh ‘outsider', respectively.

(8) mapivatvatek ko

teacher 1.S.NOM

‘I am a teacher.'

(9) dehdeh si Masaray.

outsider NOM PN

Masaray is an outsider (or foreigner).'

5.1.2 Identificational

In Identificational Nominal Predicate Clauses, the Predicate contains a definite NP to identify with the Subject. In (10) and (11), the definite NPs are marked by the determiner si for personal pronouns and o for common nouns.

(10) si Salang ko.


‘I am Salang.


(11) o tawaz o ito

NOM net NOM that

‘That is the fish net.'


5.1.3 P ossessive

In Possessive Nominal Predicate Clauses, the noun of the Predicate is modified by a genitive pronoun, such as kagagan ko ‘my friend' in (12).

(12) kagagan ko si Likdem.

friend 1.S.GEN NOM PN

Likdem is my friend.'