A Grammar of Yami

11 Summary of Affixes in Yami

  Two lists of Yami affixes are provided here for ease of reference. Table 14 lists all the major verbal inflections. Table 15 is a glossary of all the other derivational affixes discussed in this paper.

Table 14: Major Yami verb inflection

Name of verbal affix Indicative form Subjunctive form (or dependent form) after auxiliary verbs to or ji
Dynamic intransitive -om-/om-


Dynamic intransitive mi- --
Dynamic intransitive ma- --
Dynamic intransitive maN- --
Dynamic intransitive maka- --
Dynamic intransitive maci-/masi-/macika-/macipa- --
Stative ma- a-
Stative ka-…-an a-…-i
Dynamic pi- --
Dynamic pa- --
Dynamic paN- maN-
Dynamic paka- maka-
Dynamic paci- maci-
Transitive -en -a
Transitive -an -i
Transitive i- -an
Stative functioning as transitive ma- a-…-a
Stative functioning as transitive ka-…-an a-…-a

Table 15: Yami affixes with their meanings

Affix Gloss
icia- fellows such and such who share the same features or fate
ikeyka- even more so
i-ka- feel such and such because …
ika- ordinal number
ipi- multiple number
ji a- negation or emphatic
ka- company, as…as, abstract noun
ka- and then, just now, only
ka- stative verb prefix reappearing in forming transitive verbs
ka- reduplicated root very
ka- reduplicated root animals named after certain features
ka-an common noun
ma-…-in love to do such and such
mala- taste or look like…
mapaka- pretend to be such and such
mapi-/mapa-/pa-en/ipa- causative verbal affixes
mapi- do such and such as an occupation
mi-/mala- kinship relationships in a group of two or three
mika-/mapika-/ipika- all, gradually, one by one
mipa- getting more and more…
mipipa- even more…
ni- perfective
ni- … na superlative
noka- past
noma- future remote
sicia- present
sima- future proximal
tey- direction
tey- very, too
tey- reduplicated root amount allocated to each unit