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mivazay Celebrating a boat completion

a no teyka rana nipareng o tatala a nivatekan am, mangap rana so soli a padponen do tatala.
When a boat is made and the carving is finished, people will start to dig up taro and fill the boat.

o apereh so hakawen am, makateytetlo a araw o pangap da so soli, am o aro so hakawen am, ji ngian so makalima a araw am, makapito a araw.
People with fewer taro fields take about three days to dig them up while people with more fields take five to seven days.

no teyka rana mangap so soli am, omlivon rana o mehakay a mapatoyon so zipos da am, kagagan da do pikaililian na.
After wrapping up the digging of taro, the men will go around the different villages on the island and invite friends and family.

ikadoa na araw no nipatoyon do makoyab am, mai sira o pinatoyon, kapianoanood da do makoyab, aka do mahep, kato da arawan a mianoanood.
Guests will go the afternoon of the second day to the house of the host, and they will begin to sing in celebration all the way through the night and into the next morning.

madagdag am vonongen rana o nidpon do tatala a soli, kavonong da sia do inaorod, kapinmo rana; citaen da o kalovotan no vilang no pinatoyon aka no keylian da, kahaban da jia so teysa ngernan, ta ihawa o teysa ka tao a abo so anmo.
In the morning, they will take the pile of taro from the boat and make piles in the front yard to prepare to give away taro. Before making piles, they must make sure they have enough for the entire village and have ten extra servings for those who did not receive taro.

teyka minmo am, manakep so kois; ji to gcin o toda apia so lima, ta o madket so lima am, maooyat o mangay manakep so kois, am ori o ikateyapia na citaen no miyangangay a gomcin do amaot a manakep so kois ya.
After giving away taro they begin to catch pigs. Catching pigs is not something everyone can participate in because you must have enough strength to do so. Therefore, watching a group of similar-aged young people going into the pig pen to catch pigs is a very great thing.

teyka rana igoan am, sazaban rana, kaparpareng rana sia, kapivonong rana so mataen; teyka mivonong so mataen am, manwaway rana kapatotolaw da so cinedkeran; kaosok da rana nia do ttaw a avavangen.
You pierce the pigs' throat, burn off their hair, separate them into different pieces, and dish out the pieces of meat that are eaten raw. Next, you hold up a fist and shout at the boat's progression as you go into the boat-tossing ceremony. Finally, the boat is pushed next to the ocean and into the water for a trial run.

o ji meyhehezahez a maooyat a tao am, ori o mangay mangavavang am, ori o citan so kalalam na no vayo a tatala.
People who go along for the trial must be very active with a lot of energy and strength. The purpose of the trial is to see how fast the new boat can go.

no teyka mangavavang am, omoli rana sira, kapateketekeh rana, no mapateketekeh am, panmaen pa o nimarai na ili, nimanowji na o keylian; ori o katoatontonan no pamarmarngan so kanen do tatala ya.
After finishing the trial, back in the village the meat is distributed starting from the farthest village with the village they are in being the last to receive the meat. This is what happens for a celebration of a new boat.