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anood do tatala Singing at the boat completion ceremony

no makoyob am, ori o yai da no pinatoyon; no makaranes sira do inaorod no vahay no mivazay a tao am, manoma na pa o rarakeh a maniring; ji da mamareparengan sira ori so pipia ciring, a ipatonggal da jira.
[Friends who have been invited to attend the completion ceremony] Guests arrive in the afternoon. When they get to the host's front porch, the oldest person among the guests will begin by singing praise to the host. Of course, the host would also sing praise back to the elderly singer.

a no mahep rana am, toda palipalit rana o amian so ciring am, do zikzikna da am, omngarangaran do ineynahahapan da am.
At night, the people who have prepared songs will take turns blessing and praising the host for his work and accomplishments in fishing.

ta o mitatala ya am, malavat o among am, ineynahahapan am, ori o ipitatala ya.
The purpose of building boats is to sing of the good catches of fish the accomplishments at fishing.

ta angsahen da ji patoawa o pasisapasapan da do among no rayon am, alibangbang am, cinaknan am, ori o malavat da ineynahahapan da am,
(If it weren't for building boats and the ceremonies following it) They would never be able to release what was in their hearts about catching flying fish and accomplishments and hard work in the season of flying fish.

Ori o ipakasapa da so mivatek ya, ta malavat da o ineynahahapan, ta tana nimivazay do vahay am, makarang am, ta malavat o pasisapasapan do among do rayon am,
Therefore they will want to carve a new boat so that they can have a boat completion ceremony where they could sing of their accomplishments in catching fish. Even though ceremonies for new work houses or homes have singing, they do not sing about experiences in fish catching.

no miciamarawan am, ji aro o makalavat so ineynahahapan da, am ji da pasapasapai ori no tao, ta amizingan da so ineynahahapan na, kato na rana arawan a miraraod a.
When they sing until almost dawn, nearly all hosts will sing about their fishing accomplishments. At this time, all guests would only listen to the parts about the accomplishments in fishing (not interrupting or singing back), and they will sing until morning.