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mitatala Building a boat

no isibo o vazay am, ji niboan o maláhet a ipipinapinan, a no apipia rana am, ori rana o isibo rana.
If you want to hold a ceremony for a new boat, you must not take very bad tools. When you have prepared your tools, you can go and cut the wood that you need.

mangay do takey am, mi toposan o pimoamoan, apen o niagazan  a kowli rana nia.
After getting to the mountains, go to your own orchard and cut down the trees that you have originally chosen and marked and carry them home.

kaktokto jia, aktoktoan o pikatangyan am, pikavangan am,  cinedkeran sira, mitartarek sira.
The length of measurement is according to personal needs, you should see whether you are going to build a single person boat, a two-person boat, or a big boat.

ta pizangkapan o manoang(龍骨)ya, ta beken a o mateteneng a tao a, papira sira? raroa am, asa aka tao saon o mateteteneng do makeykeylian am.
Connecting the ribs of a boat is not something that everyone knows how to do; only someone with the skill of connecting can take such a task. Who in the village could do it? Usually, one village only has one or two people who could do it.

ori o ji to mitatalai no ji ateteneng, ta ji da napai o kaji da makatenengan jia, a manngo si Mangday a, to na na ngaolii do kalahet na.
Therefore people who do not know how to build boats will not start building a boat carelessly because they will be afraid that they don’t know how to do it. Just like si Mangday, they might give up after feeling it was not possible.

o masisidongen am, ji da todey nidonga, ori o ipiciataretarek no tao a mahay a mitatala, ta o ji asisidongen am, sino o somidong sira?
Boat makers who normally are willing to help others without being asked to, (when they are making a boat) other people will come help him too. Therefore, there is a speed difference when making a boat. When a boat maker doesn’t usually go to help people, who would go help him?

o ji ateteneng a tao am, ji aro o arian da am, o mateteneng  am, a  sino mangri, ori o ipiciataretarek no mahay a mapakavos so vazay ya.
Those who don’t know how to build boats waste a lot of materials, but those that know how to build boats don’t waste the material. Therefore, some people finish the job quickly and other finish very slowly; the difference is there.

o mazoazoayin am, “ji vateki o kma sia”, am a no apia o langolangoy na am, to vateki ori.
If the finished boat (looks) very pleasing to the eye (beautiful,) a braggart will be moved and say, “Such a beautiful boat! Why are there no carvings?” and will immediately start carving.

o avak no tatala am, to vateki ori, no apen do kapakainahahapan jia, no kapia na no ngilin no masasagaz ya nivatekan am, ori o vatekan da do dang.
If you look at it from the “Hope I can catch a lot of fish with it,” “Hope it gives me good luck at sea,” or “With carvings it will be very good for fishing” perspectives, even the middle boats (between good and bad, the normal boats) can be carved upon.

am no nakem da so kapivatek da am, ji sira pa mamiromiroa a kapitatala da rana; am ori o ji miyangayi no todaka piteytatala ya.
If people only want to carve on the boat, they must first plant a field of taro before starting to build a boat. Therefore it is different from people who build boats for the sake of building boats.

ta no ji mivatek am, to da minanakeman, ta ji da pa nakenakema o yahap da sia am, do akma sang.
If you don’t think about carving, then you wouldn’t think about the preparations. (Only those who want to have a boat finishing ceremony) They will work hard and think about all the preparations that have to be done if they want to have the ceremony. That’s all.