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mapatateynep o libangbang A flying fish showed himself in an old man's dream

katengan da no libangbang o kanimapadengdeng da sira no tao do kalang aka no ikey a kacikacicil am, mangay na patateynepan no mavaheng so panid o rako a rarakeh.
When the flying fish found out that humans cooked them with the shells and crabs, the black-winged flying fish went and showed himself in an old man's dream.

maniring o mavaheng so panid am, "yaken rana ya am, pahad na yaken no among no rayon a libangbang, a mavaheng so panid.
The black-winged flying fish said, "I am the spirit of the flying fish in the flying fish season, called the black-winged flying fish."

inio rana am, ji nio padengdenga yamen do sinavat nio, ta ya namen ikeyngen am, ya nio ipikanokanoka, patareken nio o zanegan nio jiamen".
"You should not cook us with other seafood that you pick up from the intertidal zone, otherwise we will get sick, and you will start to grow skin disease. You must use a different pot for flying fish (us)."

no yakan nio yamen am, patareken nio o vanga aka no amongan nio a zanegan nio jiamen, ji nio mancian o "dengdengen"a, ipanci nio o "zanegen" ; mangay do zazawan nio aka no pamowpawan nio o patareken nio; no apen nio yamen am, ipanlag nio yamen am mivanoa kamo.
"When you eat us (flying fish)you must use different plates and pots (different from normal plates). When you cook flying fish, you must say, "zanegen" and not, "dengdengen." Even the racks that you dry fish and let fish dry off on must be different (with a rack specifically for flying fish.) When you prepare to catch us, you must first hold a ceremony to call the fish next to the ocean."

no raingen nio yamen am, powtonen nio yamen, adoa o cilad na do asisi na, atlo o cilad na do voko na, kateyray nio jiamen do voko na.
"When you kill a flying fish, you should make the fish look down, (after cutting it) you must make two cuts along the side without bones (meat) and three cuts along the side with bones, and then hang it up to dry on the side with bones (tie a string to it.)"

am ji ko to nanaoa imo, ta ya mahep am, ji mo atenngi, ta ya ka mitkeh a, sipepnezak am, romiag ka pa, kangay mo do Yabnoy ito a omnanala jiamen; ta paloloen ko o salilian aka no papatawen aka no sosooen, aka no kalalaw a mangay macisirisiring jimo; ipanci namen jimo o akakanan nio jiamen an" koan na, kangay na rana.
"However, I can't teach you too much, since it is night and you are sleeping, so you won't remember it. In the morning, after you eat breakfast, go to do Yabnoy and wait for us. I will bring salilian, papatawen, sosooen, kalalaw, and other fish to talk to you, and they will tell you how to eat us (flying fish), ok?" Then it left.