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A story about Mr. Paloy

si Paloy rana ya am, matazak a tao am, somasomagpian o kamoimoingan na; ji hakaw a kapiyoyowyaw na, amian so raroa aka mankakteh na pehzehzaen na. Concerning si Paloy, he was born looking like an idiot. He didn't know how to plant, and only knew how to play. He had two nephews who followed him around.
    "mi tamo mangalolog so vato, ta pialalaman tamo, si mowyat kamo am, ori o ipakahap nio sia, am no si malma kamo am, ori o ji nio makahapi sia" koan na.
"Let's go up in the mountain and play a game of rolling the stones. If you are strong, then you will catch it, but if you don't have any strength (are lazy), then you will not catch it."

mangay sira do tokon am, manmanma si Paloy a mangay do teyngato, kapangalolog na so rako a vato a, macita da no mankakteh na o maloalolog a rako a vato am, to sira misiay, someyked am, mi da pinanan a, "namen rana nimahap, mo maran" koan da, "ori a, kowyowyat nio?!" koan na ni Paloy a.
When they got into the mountains, si Paloy was the first to push the boulder. When the nephews saw such a big rock rolling down the mountain, they jumped to the side. When the boulder stopped, they went over and held their hands on it, saying, "Uncle, we caught it." "Really? Wow, you people are good! (so strong, so hard working)"

mangay sira rana o mankakteh na do teyngato am, mangalolog sira so rakrako pa vato a, maloalolog do kananmaen ni Paloy am, ji na 'awana, ta "ala matazapia ko ya" koan na am, to na rana pitapia si Paloy a, kazakat na.
It was his nephews' turn, and they rolled an even bigger boulder down the hill. When the boulder rolled to where si Paloy was, he thought, "I can catch this, no problem," and therefore stood there without moving. The boulder rolled over him, squishing and killing him.

mazakat am, akpehen da o tototoang na, kapangay da sia do alilin a, katoyotoyon da sia; ikatlo na araw am, mi da citaen am, nimaviay rana si Paloy a, omlisna rana a mazngaznga a miseysorod a.
After he died, they picked up his bones and put them into the millet cellar and prayed for him. After three days, when they went to see him, he was sitting up, alive, and was smiling while combing his hair.

kadadayan na so araraw am, "mi tamo minom so ranom Jirakoayo","inomen nio o katay na ya, inomen ko o katay na ya, sino jiaten o manmanma makeymin sia" koan na.
After a few days, he said, "Let us go to Jirakoayo River to drink water." "You drink this half, and I'll drink that half. Let's see who finishes first."

"meymin ta ya" koan no mankakteh na am, mangay o asa aka tao jira do ingato a, kapavoyog da so karakoan na do inomen no maran da.
His nephews said, "How can we drink so much water?" So one of them went to the upstream and diverted some of the water to where their uncle was supposed to drink.