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tao no kakoa The earliest humans

o nimanoma do pongso ta ya a tao nokakoa am, sira mina Paloy, aka nira mina Ozamen, aka nira Pacilalaw. Sira rana ori am, ji sia mingongoyod pa a tao, ta somavik sira a tao.  
   About the earliest humans on this island, there were si Paloy, si Ozamen, si Pacilalaw, etc. These people, though, were not real people, for some of the things they thought or did were not like normal people.

Sira Paloy rana ya am, ji sia hakakaw, ta ji sia ateneng a omhakaw, so ikabo no kanen da, to sia nginonginom so sazowsaw am ranom, ori o ikaviay da nira ori am, iyangay da nira mina Paloy ya.                        
   Now, Si Paloy and that group, they did not work in the fields because they did not understand agriculture, and therefore they did not have food. They lived by drinking the wind and water. This was the life of si Paloy’s group.

Si Paloy rana ya am, tomezgek do wawa a koman so binedbed no mankakteh na; to miveyvoak a mazakat, ori ji na pa mingongyoji a tao.
   Now, si Paloy would always dive into the ocean to eat his nephews’ fishing bait. Every time he died, his body was shattered, so he is not a real human.

Si Pacilalaw rana ya am, a no macita na o sapopoen na a katabtabngen a anak na am, to na ag’ig’ita a dengdengen a kayakan na nia, ori si Pacilalaw ya.
   About Si Pacilalaw, when he saw that the child he was holding in his arms was fat and cute, he would cut it to pieces, cook it, and eat it. This was what happened with Si Pacilalaw.

Si mina Ozamen rana ya am, kainom na saon so ranom am, asio o nihakawan na. no tomakatakaw am, mangamangay milolay do obo no kaciaian a.
   And si Ozamen, this was a person who only drank water to survive. He didn’t have a field. Sometimes, he would go swing on the swings under the longan trees.

a no mangay sira miyoyowyaw do takey am, no maniring o kadoan jira am, “ji ko ángay, ta ji ko ngarói o anak ko” koan da am, “to mo rana patovoza do mazavang am” koan no karoan da, am ori o iyangay da nira no nimanoma do pongso ta ya a tao nokakoa.   
   Sometimes, when a group of them went into the mountains and one said, “I can’t go because I can’t leave my child unattended,” the others would say, “Then throw him/her into a bucket.” This was the way of the earliest people on the island.