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kankanen no mamili so kanen Pregnant women's food

Si Misang (Mi) asked her mother about what they needed to take into account when they were pregnant in the past.


Mi: ikong o ji da yakanan a among no mamili so kanen?
What fish can't pregnant women eat?

An: ji angan so aporon, ta makatatapi so oo a, ji angan so koskosi ta makapapala.
You can't eat the aporon fish, because the child's head will become flat. You can't eat koskosi fish either, or the child will cough easily.

Mi: a o mehakay no mamili so kanen am?
What about the pregnant woman's husband then?

An: o mehakay na am, ji miyakan so keketan, ta makagegetget so zagaw.
Her husband cannot eat keketan fish, because the child would have strips on its neck.

Mi: no ikapira am mangtekteb so awaz?
How many months into the pregnancy do you start making the stomach bib?

An: no ikanem am, ori o ipangtekteb rana so awaz, kai na no mangdes a omades so velek a; kapawaz na sia do katawtao, kapanba no mehakay so kawalan.
Six months in, you start to make the stomach bib. The midwife helps to massage the stomach and fit the bib on the woman's stomach. Then, the husband goes to cut the bamboo.

Mi: kongoen o kawalan ang?
What is the bamboo for?

An: parengen da lolay no kanakan, aka no sisikod no nimian do sanggi a sesngahan da.
It is for making the baby's crib and the staff for the woman that has just given birth, called the sesngahan (for warding off evil spirits).

Mi: ikong o itoro do mangdes a tangdan da?
What do you give to the midwife as payment?

An: sosoli aka no among, no abo o among am, kois nojia kagling.
Taro and fish, and if you don't have fish, pork or lamb is fine also.

Mi: ikong o yakan da no mownged?
What does the woman who gave birth eat?

An: viniay o yakan da, no ikapat da vehan rana am, ori o ipiyakan da rana so cinapay, aka no koskosi aka no peyret sira.
They can eat meat; four months after the birth they can eat taro leaves, koskosi fish, escargots, etc.