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mikangin Typhoon is coming

The typhoon came. Masaray (Ma)and sompo (So) heard on the Orchid Island radio station about the typhoon, and asked mother (In) whether she had prepared extra flashlights.


announcer: kókay kamo manga keypong, inio rana am, mi nio pa aralaen o tatala nio a pasdepen do kamaligan, ta ya kmi maráhet o langolangoy no kakawan am, manginanawa o tatalo nio a iziod no wawa; kapakapia nio so vahay nio a amamaoten, ta isalaw na no pagpag an, azimanen nio o wawa no mangay kamo do keysakan ta manginanawa kamo an, o ri rana o ya ko ipanci manga keypong, kókay kamo.
Good morning,folks. I hereby warn all folks that the weather is not good (there is a typhoon), so everyone should pull their boats into his boathouse, so that they won't be washed away. Also, strengthen your houses so they aren't blown away by the strong winds. When going to the seaside, watch out for big waves in order to avoid danger. That is the end of this broadcast.

Ma: wo, rako a wawa a na pasibsiblaken do igang, ya makárang a ya apía citaen.
Oh, it is so beautiful when the giant waves break upon the rocks.

So: ina, ya mian so taro aka no dingki?
Mom, do you have candles and a flashlight?

In: kongoen mo?
What do you want to do?

So: yavat si toda hesep o apoy simahep.
Just in case the power goes out tonight, so we have something ready.

In: ya ji abo, mi ka pa manazang an.
No, would you go out and buy some?

announcer: o ya ko ipanci manga keypong am, na niasap no wawa o rarahan Jikarahem, ya kaji makasongan sia a pangonongan; o rarahan do Jizakazang am, ya na nitapinoan no tana no tokon, ji kamo angay do ya mikadoa rarahan ori, ta manginanawa kamo an, o ri rana ya ko ipanci.
This is a road report. The road through the tunnel is filled with water and cannot be used. Also, there are mudslides around Tiger Head Hill on the road, so folks should not try to go along those two roads, for it could be dangerous. This is the end of the broadcast.

Ma: ya mapárek o ranom, apia ya?
The water is muddy. Now what?

So: mi ta mapataza so kakanan do tozan tehed, ta pavanavanawan ta am, piveraveran ta an.
Let us get some buckets to catch the rainwater from the gutters to use for washing hands and dishes.

Ma: a, ya abo rana o apoy(zampo), paciscisi o taro.
Uh oh, the power went out. Light the candles.