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omavang do sikoki Taking a plane

At the end of si Masaray's (Ma) tour of Orchid Island, she decided to take the old grandfather, si apen Magaga (Ga), back to Taiwan for a tour. At the airport, the lady at the desk (D) helped them register, check in their baggage, get through the security (S), etc.


Ma: ko mapadket so ngaran.
I want to register my name (reserve seats).

D: ya apira mo padketen?
How many seats do you want?

Ma: ya adoa.

D: simango o mo padketen?
What day do you want them for?

Ma: siciaraw ya.
For today.

D: apey o ngaran nio aka no kipo nio, angayan kamo o pzapzatan nio do jito ta pararaen.
Here are your tickets and IDs. Please take your luggage over there for shipment.

S: ya apira o pzazatan nio?
How many pieces of luggage do you have?

Ma: ya tlo.
Three pieces.

S: aney, mo akay, o mo ‘aviten ori ta pararaen.
Grandfather, give me that thing in your hand to ship.

Ga: ciaha, ta to ko na ‘avita.
It's ok, I'll carry this.

S: ikongo ya mipipi do katawtao mo ori? pacitan pala?
What do you have that keeps ringing? Take it out please.

Ga: ipimamaman ko.
It is my betel nut knife.

S: aney, ta itoro ko do mapagozit do sikoki, si makaranes kamo do Taito am, itoro da jimo.
Give it to me, and I'll hand it to the pilot. When you reach Taitung, he will give it back to you.