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macikavang Catch a ride

On the way home, they met an old woman (Ra) heavily burdened by what she carried on her back. Sompo (So) asked the truck owner (T) to pull aside and pick up the old woman.


So: paseyked pa, ta makarilaw o rarakeh ito.
Stop (the truck) for a moment, I feel bad for that old woman.

T: akes kong, avang do jito.
Hello grandma, c'mon up and have a seat.

Ra: ji kamo makamo, manga ovay.
I couldn't do that, darlings.

So: ciaha, makasi ka ya marehmet so rara.
Don't think about it. Carrying something that heavy must be very hard work (you poor thing).

So: pasakayi pa, ta ya ko ji anat o rara ni akes ta.
I can't pick up the old lady’s things. Help me.

T: ’awan pa yaken mo akes, ta pasakayin ko o rara mo. 
Grandma, move over a second. I’m going to put your stuff in.

Ra: ji kamo makasnek ya, manga keypong.
Thank you everyone (I feel so bad about this).

T: makapia ka omlisna, ta pasongayin ko rana.
Sit tight. I'm going to start driving.

Ra: pakasen nio yaken do jia an, ta mi ko pa do ora namen.
Can you drop me off here? I want to go check on our taro fields.

T: ji mo ngapa o rara mo, ciaha ta to ko rana angayan do vahay nio.
Don't take the basket. I'll send it directly to your house.

Ra: a ji ka makanig; no komoan am, to mo pazomtada do tagakal namen an, apo kong.
How could I ask you to do that? How about this; just drop it off at our porch. Thank you, grandson.

T: ciaha.
You're welcome.