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rayon Flying fish season

When Masaray (Ma) went to Orchid Island during the hottest days of summer, she asked Sompo (So) which season had the best weather for tourism.


Ma: ikongo a vehavehan niapia na yai do irala a ipilingalingay?
What month should a tourist come to Orchid Island?

So: niapia na o rayon saon am.
During the season of the flying fish, of course.

Ma: ta ikong?
Why is that?

So: ji árekmeh a ji ánnget, manao o kakawan.
It isn't too hot, nor too cold; the weather is just right.

Ma: maráhet o teyteyka?
Is it not good in the summer?

So: ta ikarahet na, kateymánnget na, kateyáro no angin am.
It isn't that it is not good. It is just too hot and there are many typhoons.

Ma: manngo do amian?
What about in the winter?

So: ji árekmeh, teymácimocimoyin pa a.
It is very cold, and it rains too often.

Ma: ikongo o iyan no libangbang sio?
In what season are there flying fish?

So: do rayon.
During the season of the flying fish, of course!

Ma: apía o kakanan no libangbang?
Are flying fish tasty?

So: ta ikarahet na, tarek pa o apia na a teyápia yakan.
Pretty good, especially flying fish eggs. Those are the best.

Ma: ori i, sipisa am, mai ko do rayon, kapiakan ko so apia no libangbang.
Really? Then I want to come during flying fish season next time so I can eat flying fish eggs.