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nikaroan da a rarakeh被放鴿子

Two young people, Sekez (Se) and Sidongen (Si), rowed out in their boat to play. They met an old person (Ra) who wanted to take advantage of them to get a free ride to Jiahaod to fish. Then, they rowed off and left the old man stranded.


Ra: manga koynio, sijia kamo pala.
Hey, children, come over here for a second.

Se: ana, na ipanci yaten no rarakeh ito, mi ta pala an.
Hey, the old guy is calling us. Let's go over and see what he wants.

Ra: inio rana manga koynio am, pasngen kamo jia o tatala nio, kapazagpit nio jaken, ta mi takamo Jiahaod a mamasil an.
Move the boat over here and let me get in. Do you want to go to Jiahaod to fish?

Si: oyo-od?! nehed, mi ta an, ta pa ji nimangay do dang.
Really?! Should we go? Why don't we go? We haven't been there before.

Se: ay, ya teymasagpaw o rarakeh ya, inaoy no pa'oksoen do wawa.
Oh, this old man is so heavy. I really want to push him into the sea.

Si: oya rana Jiahaod, agcin rana mo akay.
Grandpa, we are at Jiahaod. You can get off now.

Se: key anong, mangay ta rana, ta mangazicin a ya ji mangaod, ya ta ikazikna.
Hurry, let's go. That was so annoying; he didn't even help row, and let us do all the hard work and get tired.

Si: nohon, a mi ta rana, ta to macikavang pa jiaten.
Ok, let's go, or else he will get on our boat again.

Ra: ana, manga koynio, kamo rana toda angay, nio na ji ngahapa yaken?
Hey, kids, why are you leaving? Aren't you going to give me another ride?

Se: saon jimo am, mangazicin ka ya manzikna a ya ji mangaod.
We don't care. We hate you. You don't even row, and make us so tired.

Ra: a makongo ko so wajin ya? mawat ko pa do kacian ori manga koynio!
Then what about me? The island is so far away; how can I swim back, children?

Se: tes mo ori, kakey mo a mangay do Jiahaod.
It's your own fault! You're the one who wanted to go to Jiahaod.

Ra: manga koynio, ahapey kamo yaken, kamo teyrahet ya.
Hey, brat! Come back and pick me up! You are so bad!

Se: tes na ori, apia pa jia ori.
It's his own fault; he brought it on himself.