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nisomlet o lima My hand is stuck in a hole

Somengha (So) and Mateneng (Ma) went to catch crabs by the seaside. Mateneng put her hand into the hole to look for crabs, and found that she could not pull it out. Fortunately, an old woman (Ra) came just in time and helped free her.


So: ya arako o keysakan, mi ta maneysavat.
The tide is low. Lets go to the seaside and catch crabs.

Ma: nohon.

So: ka manngo dang, mo kaji milisan?
What are you doing over there? Why aren't you moving?

Ma: ya nisomlet o lima ko, a ko ji owyot.
My hand is stuck, and I can't take it out.

So: ipamingit ko o lima mo an?
May I help you pull your hand out?

Ma: tosia, ta meyngen, mo ji acita ito a ya to bazangbang a ya omlipad.
No, it will hurt! Can't you see that it is already red and swelling?

So: kongoen ta so ajin a oyoten, mi ko pala mikala so tao do ili an.
Then how will we get it out? Should I go to the village to get someone to help?

Ma: ya mehnep rana ito am, apia ko ya, ji abo o kaviay ko si mipehnep ya, awalay.
The tide is rising. What do I do? If the tide rises, then I'm dead! Ah!

Ra: sino o ito, ya mipeypatotog a ya migogowgaw, mi ko Pala jia. "to-lok o atang mo!"
Who is that, feeling around in the hole with her butt held so high? "I will [poke] your butt!"

Ma: wo, mo kazakat! ayayaya o lima ko ya meyngen; ayoy ta maoyot ko rana o lima ko.
Ow, I'm going to die! Ahh, my hand hurts! Thank you, I finally pulled my hand out.

Ra: ka nimatakzes mo koymo?
Are you crazy, rascal?

Ma: ayoy mo kaminan, ta no ka abo a ya nitomolok jiaken am, ji abo o ko kapakaoyot so lima ko a ya nisomlet do vavahay ito, ayoy, mo kaminan, ta mai ka.
Thank you, auntie. If you hadn't used your finger power, then my hand would still be stuck in the hole. Auntie, thank you for arriving just in time.