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aney o ango ko Give back my pandanous fruit

Two boys on their way home, si Sekez (Se) and si sidongen (Si), stole the ango (pandanous fruit) that the girl (Va) was carrying on her back.


Se: mo kehakay,
Hey, man.

Si: ikong o?
What's up?

Se: mi ta apen o ango do yala no mavakes ito an.
Let's go get that ango that that girl is carrying on her back, ok?

Si: nohon.

Se: mi ko apen a, ipalayo mo an.
I'll go get it, hand it to you, and you run with it.

Se: kavakes kong!
Hello (girl)!

Va: ya mo ipangasi, mo mina Sekez, ko imo iciapaw a sirsirngen, mo pangamay.
Who are you greeting, damn Sekez. I'm not paying any attention to you.

(likodan na sira am, to na ngatkata ni Sekez o ango a apen a.As soon as she turned her back, sekez took the ango.)

Va: mo apan so ango ko mo mina Sekez?! Aney!
Sekez! Why did you take my ango, give it back!

(to na sira niowciowa no kekezdas na. and so she took her sickle and chased them)

Si: key, ta na yowyawen yaten.
Hurry, she's chasing us!

Va: si mai kamo pala simaraw, ji ko inio ¡K¡K
When you come tomorrow, just you wait, I'll will¡K

Se: si mapis na yaten am, to ta rana rakepa, kasangasangab ta sia, kazazasag ta jia an.
If she chases us, we will pick her up, bite her, and step on her.

Si: nohon.

(On the second day, the girl sent to find si Sekez to debate with him. Si Sekez was so scared that he went to ask for help from his grandfather.)

Va: to mo ngapi so ango ko nokakyab, mo kavazat?
Damn it, why did you steal my ango yesterday?

Se: Mo akay, ya da pacilimanan yaken.
Grandpa, someone is trying to hurt me!

Kay:Sino ya maciliman jimo, ta miarap namen.
Who is trying to hurt you? I'll kill that person.