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kois no tao Miniature pigs

Magaga (Ma) and Sompo (So) arrived at Jiramilek and saw a group of Orchid Island miniature pigs. The pig owner was herding the pigs so that they didn't block the road.


Pi: Bos, ya nio yazat do rarahan ya?
Go away! Why are you blocking the road?

Ma: Waranay o kois da, ya kmi tao a ya macikeyan jira.
Hey, those pigs are so cute! They are just like humans, following their owner.

So: ala sia mabwang jira am, ori da ipacikeyan jira ori.
It is probably because they are very familiar with their owner, so they follow him around.

Ma: ya mian so vahay no kois da ito?
Do those pigs have a pigsty?

So: ta ikabo na.
How could they not have one?

Ma: Da katenngan o vahay da no ya mapikois sira ang?
How do they know the pig owner's house?

So: no da teyka sira nipakan am, sia macilolo do ya mapikois sira a moli, am ori da ipakateneng jia ang.
Every time the owner feeds them, they follow the owner home, so they know his house.

Ma: asio malangongoy o koikois do irala ya? ya magogolang pa a, ya alilikey pa a.
Why do pigs on Orchid Island all have sharp snouts and why are they so small and skinny?

So: da ipikeykoskos o ngongoy da am, ori da ikalangongoy; no sia makcin am, da tototoen o amaot a, da kasaway a miyoyowyaw a mikala so kanen da am, ori da ikagogolang nira.
They dig with their snouts, so they are sharper. When they are hungry, they jump over the walls to escape and look for food, so they are thinner.

Ma: inaoy no manazang so lilikey a kois a yalalam.
I want to get a pig for a pet.

So: sapopoen mo a omavang do sikoki?
You want to carry it on the plane?

Ma: ori o ikarahet na an.
That is what makes it so hard.