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rahet aka no oyod Fish for men and fish for women

Magaga (Ma), Sompo's (So) niece, has lived in Taiwan for many years. This time, she returns to see her folks, and goes to Ivalino with Sompo to see the fishermen come back to port with a good catch.


Ma: wo, ya aro o among da.
Oh, they caught a lot of fish.

So: ala da nitawazan ori, ta na karo no among da.
They probably used a fishnet; that's why they have so many.

Ma: mi ta pala citaen.
Let's go see.

So: ya apereh o oyod a ya aroaro o rahet.
There are very few oyod; there are a lot more rahet.

Ma: ikong o rahet aka no oyod?
What are oyod and rahet?

So: rahet am yakan no mehakay a, oyod am yakan no mavakes a among.
Rahet is the fish for the men, and oyod is the fish for the women.

Ma: apia miyakan o mavakes so rahet?
Can women eat the rahet fish?

So: beken, o mehakey o apia miyakan so oyod.
No, only men can eat oyod fish.

Ma: ta ikong o?
Why is that?

So: nimapo nokakoa a, na katoda angayan siciaikoa ya.
It has been that way before, and it has been passed down through today.

Ma: nio pitareken o dengdengan so oyod aka no rahet?
Do you cook oyod and rahet in different pots?

So: nonan, o kakanan a pangayan so among am, akman saon so sang am.
Yeah. Even the plate that it is served on is the same way (on separate plates).

Ma: ikong o ngaran no pangayan so rahet a kakanan?
What is the plate that the rahet is served on called?

So: o pangayan so rahet a kakanan am, ipanci namen a raratan.
The plate that the rahet is put on, we call it raratan.

Ma: ori i, ko na katenngan, ta pangayan so oyod a kakanan am, ipanci nio a ooyodan.
Oh, then I know. The plate the oyod is put on must be called ooyodan.

So: nohon, ka mateneng, am o ngongyod a ngaran na am, nanatnganan.
Yup, you are very smart. However, it is really called nanatnganan.