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mangahahap Go fishing

The husband of si nan Magaga, si aman Magaga (Ma), took his father-in-law (Am) on a motor boat to little Orchid Island to fish. Si apen Tokasen (To) and si apen Lalitan (La) along with others went for deep-sea fishing.


Ma: mi ta Jimanacid a miciklap, mo ama an?
Dad, can we go fishing at Jimanacid?

Am: mi ta do tatala an, no mangay ta do mibekbek?
Should we take the row boat of the motor boat?

Ma: mangay ta do mibekbek.
Let's take the motor boat.

Am: raraen ta sira maran mo si apen Lipaog aka ni apen Tokasen aka ni apen Lalitan an?
Can you go ask your uncles si apen Lipasag, si apen Tonasen, and si apen Lalisan to go with us?

To: Wo, oito sira do teylaod.
Oh, look, there is a bunch of fish out south.

La: nohon, wara ya ciklapan ta am.
Oh, that's great. There are fish for fishing.

Am: bedbeji o pangnan ta, manga anak ko.
Child, tie the bait to the fishing hooks.

Li: sidongey kamo pa yaken a mapasakay sia.
Everyone, help me pull the fish in.

To: key kamo, pasakayin takamo pa do tatala.
Hurry, let's pull it in together.

La: ya marawa koan mo.
You think it is that easy to reel in?

To: si m'okso rana do wawa, mo kaji macikararoan.
If you don't help now, it will get away.

Li: beken o among ito o rakepen mo a, mo rakpan so ai ko.
We are here to catch fish; why are you holding my foot?

Ma: nio ji rakepa o among a, kamo makongo dang a ya mireyrake-ep.
Why are you not fishing, and instead wrestling over there?

Am: asio kamo ya, ji ngbeywani ori a ya nim'okso rana do wawa.
You people¡KLook, the fish have all gotten away. What a waste.