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ya mian so avang The shipped goods are coming

Every Tuesday and Saturday, the boat brings a shipment of goods. Sompo (So) and masaray (Ma) went to Jiayo to pick up items.


Ma: ya mian so avang, ya mian dang so pzapzatan nio?
Hey, a boat. Do they have anything for you?

So: t'aon; ala ya na mian o niparara na ni wari a mogis aka no yakan namen.
I don't know. Maybe the rice and vegetables that my brother sent are here.

Ma: mi ta pala citaen?
Let's go see.

So: oya rana o ngaran no mogis namen aka no yakan namen.
Our goods (rice and vegetables) are on the list.

Ma: kongoen ta ya yangay do vahay nio?
How will we get the goods to your house?

So: mamood ta so otobay.
Let's go rent a motorcycle.

Ma: mavang ta o ya marehmet a mogis ito?
The rice is so heavy. Can we really carry it?

So: mi ta mikala so a aleleh pavangan ta sia.
Let's go find a car to ship it then.

Ma: do jino o mi ta pikalaan so aleleh?
Where will we find a car?

So: o ito so tozako, mi ta pala ipanci.
There is a truck there; let's go talk to him about it.

So: apira o ngina no teysa alavat a mogis?
How much does it cost for one shipment of rice?

truck: asa ranaw o teysa alavat a mogis.
One hundred dollars per bag.