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do tagakal On the porch

Si nan magaga (Mg) took sompo (So) and masaray (Ma) to chat at her father (Am) and mother's (In) house.


So: cita pala ito, ya aboata o cinalab do angit.
Look, there are no clouds in the sky.

Ma: ya mahedhed o vehan, ya aro o mata no angit pa.
The moon is round, and there are so many stars.

So: mi nan (=mo ina ni) Magaga, mi tamo jira ina mo a maciwalam an.
Magaga's mom, can we go and talk to your mother?

Mg: nohon, am citoai na ta marios ko pa an.
Ok, but hold on, I need to get a bath first.

In: ya teyrahet si nan Manaik ito, na todey botbota o nipaneveng ko do piawan ta.
I can't stand si nan Manaik. She pulled up the taro that I planted on the border.

Am: tang a, panevengan am makongo, na pangzan jia?
Eh, what is wrong with planting there? How can she hog this whole area?

In: "ya mo pamemenen do akawan namen o piawan ta," koan na.
She said (to me), "If you do that, you will move the border into our field."

Mg: mo ina, ya ararako rana o asi no wakay ko, mi ta pala simaraw an.
Mom, my sweet potatoes are big now. Can we go dig them up tomorrow?

In: ya rana makapira vehan a, kakeykeykai na mamno?
You've only had them for so long, and they are already grown?

Am: noipisa am, pehzaen na pa yaken ni ama na ni apo a miciklap.
Next time, let us ask our son-in-law to take us fishing.

Ma: apia kapacihza ko jinio?
Can I go with you?

Mg: ji makaniaw, adan a macihza o mavakes do mehakay a mangahahap.
That is taboo; women are not allowed to go fishing with the men.

So: sipisa am mangay ta maneysavat do keysakan.
We can go catch crabs at the seaside next time.