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vahay no tao Visiting a traditional house

Sompo (So) and masaray (Ma) went to Ivalino to see sompo's friend, sinanmagaga (Mg). Si nan magaga took them to see his mother's traditional house.


Ma: ya mas'ari o sahad, ko ji cita imo mo Sompo.
It is so dark in here. I can't see you, sompo.

So: oya ko do jia, cíjia na!
I'm right here, come on.

Ma: 'ananay o oo ko!
Ow, my head,it hurts!

Mg: makal'ogod ka, ta ya mav veh o sesdepan.
Keep your head low because it is a little lower at the entrance.

Ma: apia rana, ko na makacita?
Ok, I can see now.

Mg: o ya pa mo kasdep do vahay no tao?
Is this the first time that you've entered a traditional Tao house?

Ma: nohon, ya ji miangay o kaparengan no vahay do ilaod aka no vahay do irala.
Yeah, Orchid Island houses and Taiwan houses are structurally different.

Mg: nonan, ya ji 'aniaheyan o angin a manapoat so vahay, am o ri na ikar??em no na kaparengan no vahay namen atao ya.
Of course. Because we are afraid that the typhoon will blow away the house, our traditional houses are built very deep into the ground.

Ma: ori i, ya ji meybebneng o ranom no ya macimoy ang?
Oh, I see. Does it not flood when it rains?

Mg: ji ngian so rarahan no ranom; 'angay kamo do tagakal, ta ka'oban kamo do jia.
There is a gutter. Why don't you go to the porch? If you stay here, you'll be overwhelmed by the smoke.

Ma: ko kadasan, ya mian so kareyan do jia?
I need to go to the bathroom. Is there not a bathroom?

So: ji abo, yangay ko imo do kareyan do ahas.
Nope. I'll take you to a trash dump far away.