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kakawan Weather

Because it is hot and humid, Sompo (So) and Msaray (Ma) went swimming together. Masaray finally personally experienced the rapid weather changes of Orchid Island.


Ma: ay, ya mátdong o kakawan.
Ah, it is so humid today.

So: mi ta miawawat.
Let's go swimming.

Ma: ta ko nimapalolo so ipiawawat ko.
I didn't bring my swimming suit.

So: to ka miabtan so alígned a abtan am.
You can just wear your shorts.

Ma: ya mademdem o cinalab do jito, wo, ya micicilat rana, mi ta na an.
The clouds are very dark over there. Oh, that was lightning. Let's go.

So: ya matakzes, ta ya mikadey, ya mian so kakawan ya an?
Weird, there's thunder. Is there a typhoon around?

Ma: key, malalayo ta, ta to na nao yaten no cicilat.
Hurry, let us run, or else we will be hit by lightning.

So: ay, rako a cimoy, ayoy ta makaranes ta na.
Ah, it is raining so hard. Fortunately we are home already.

Ma: nonan.

So: cita pala do Jiteywan ito, ya mavalang a ya mikalapoto o araw.
Look at Little Orchid Island; there is sun on one side and rain on the other.

Ma: nohon, Àsio o kakawan do irala ya.
Yeah, the weather on Orchid Island is strange.

So: ana, oito, ya mirarangirang do wawa.
Hey, look, there is a rainbow over the ocean.

Ma: nohon, cigyan, ya apia citaen.
Oh, it is so beautiful!