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man’acing¹ so kois圈豬腳(拌豬)

Sekez (Se), sidongen (Si) and their partners (Ke) were bored, so they decided to tie up pig's feet. However, they were pulled along the ground by the pig and were scraped all over. On the way back home, they met a group of people making boats (Va). When they got home, their father (Am) and mother (In) chewed them out.


Se: tamo miwalam siciaraw ya manga kehakay a, mi tamo man’acing so korang an.
Dear friends (male classmates), today is a holiday, so let's go tie up pig's feet.

Ke: nohon.

Se: inio rana manga kehakay am, mi niotoyoen o kois a, yaken rana am pinanan ko o ’a’acing an.
You people, go chase the pigs out. I will tie the pig up.

Si: wo, ya mirarala o oo mo, mo kehakay,
Oh, (my friend), your head is bleeding.

Ke1: apia o katawtao mo a ya nimiciasazisazingodngod ya?
What do we do? You are scraped up all over the place.

Va1: ya nimakong o ri, manga koynio, sino ya na nipacilimanan ya?
Hey, children, what did he do? Who did he fight with?

Ke2: na nipakedked do lima na o ’a’acing a, miratateng am, na to lololoa no korang a, ya na kato nikciknozan do vatovato am kayokayo ang.
He tied the rope that he tied the pig's feet with on his hand, and then he was pulled along the ground by the pig. He hit rocks and pieces of wood.

Va1: a ya maviay o ya na nilolo no korang?
To still be alive after being pulled by a pig, that is a most fortunate thing in this unfortunate event.

Ke2: nonan, no ya nimiciavacivaci o tototoang na am, ji abo na kaviay a.
Yeah, if his limbs were all broken, then he would not be alive.

Va1:ori o pia no ji meywalam.
Haha, it's his own fault for fooling around like that.

In: ya nio ikalovot do vahay namen ya manga keypong?
Why are you all gathered here, dear children?

Si: ya abo rana na o na kapiapian ni kehakay, ta ya na nilolo no korang a, na kapiciasazisazingodngod.
Our (male) friend just got dragged all over the place by a pig and is all scraped up.

In: tang a, imo pa sio mo pihahavoada a ji meywalam, apia o akma sang.
Oh my, my baby, why are you so hyperactive. Does it really feel good to be so injured?

Am: cita pala o katawtao mo ito a ya maloit a, mi ta ariosen imo.
Look at how dirty you are. Let's go, I'll give you a bath.

In: ipangap ta si alikey so viniay, ta makasi a ya nimizaza an.
Our child is heavily injured. Should we kill a pig or sheep to alleviate his shock?

Note1: man’acing is a game that people who were born before the 40s liked to play when they were young. They would tie a lasso and place it on the ground, and when the pig stepped into it, they would pull hard, and the pig would flip over. The person holding the rope would proceed to play a game of tug of war with the pig to see who was stronger.