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meyngen o ngepen Tooth ache

Because of a long history of chewing betel nut, si apen Magaga (Pg) had four broken teeth.  The pain was so much that her daughter, si inan Magaga (Mg), took her to pull out her teeth. They are now waiting to have false teeth put in.


Pg: simango am pangayan  ta o ngepen ko?
When can they put in my false teeth?

Mg: "makadoa vehan pa," koan na no koysang.
The dentist said two more months.

Pg: kownownay na.
That long?

Mg: nonan, kapanmama mo, manngo ori, ya mikaktekteb so ngepen ang.
Yeah. It's your own fault for chewing betel nut. Look, your teeth were all breaking one by one.

Pg: ta ikamamaen na, beken a kanen o ya na nikapodpod a.
They didn't break from the betel nut, it was from the meals.

Mg: wo, ya to zezak o ngepan mo a na nivera no koysang.
Oh, the dentist washed your teeth so clean.

Pg: to mancian.
No, what are you talking about.

Mg: nonan, akmi zateb nokakoa sio, am siciaikoa ya am, ya to maniray.
Really! They were as dark as coal before, and now they are so white they shine.

Pg: si pangayan rana o ngepen ko am, apia o kapanmama ko rana?
If I get false teeth, can I continue to chew betel nut?

Mg: si "manmama ko" koan mo am, ji ko rana pangayi o ngepen mo.
If you say "I want to chew betel nut," then I will not let you get false teeth.

Pg: a maviay ko a ji rana manmama.
How can I live without chewing betel nut?

Mg: mo ji ngbeywani o adoa laksa a loiten mo.
Twenty thousand dollars! Can you bring yourself to get them dirty?