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takey aka no wawa Natural environment

In the morning on the second day, Mangday (Md) went with Sompo (So) and Masaray (Ma) to Iranmilek, admiring the scenery on the way.


So: ay arako o araw, mangotas ta so raon, ta raong ta an.
ah, the sun is too strong. Let's pick some wild taro leaves to shield us from the sun.

Md: mo Masaray, apey oya.
Here, Masaray, this leaf is for you.

So: tolang iya mo ipangap, yaken am?
Why do you only pick one for her? What about me?

Ma: wo, ya makárang o tokon, nitomanang ka rana do dang?
Oh, the mountain is so high. Have you climbed that mountain before?

Md: neg, nimaciheza ko ji ama a nimanengeh so tatala.
Yeah, I once went to cut planks for boats with my father.

Ma: nimanokzos ka rana so omowmalalam?
Have you hunted before?

Md: ji abo a, kapangahahap namen saon do wawa am.
No, we only go fishing.

Ma: a ka máteneng a mangahahap?
Then do you know how to fish?

Md: nonan, ko ji áteneng a mitawaz, a mangna so among.
Of course, I know how to fish with nets as well as with fishing poles.

Ma: ori, kateneténeng mo.
Really. You're awesome.

So: Masaray, cíta pala o kakawan ito, ya kmi ikongo?
Hey, Masaray, look and tell me, what does that coral reef look like?

Ma: taon, sino ya makateneng jia.
I don't know. Who knows?

Md: ya kmi gengkang.
It's like a battle cruiser.

Ma: nohon, ya kmi gengkang.
Oh! It really does look like a navel vessel.