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misan Staying in a rooming house

It rained in the evening, and many tourists went to the rooming house run by Mangday (Md) in Iraralay. At this time, Sompo (So) and Masaray (Ma) also walked into the rooming house.


Guest1: ya pa mian so isanan?
Are there any more rooms?

Md: kamo papira?
How many people?

Guest1: namen tatlo a mavakes, ya raroa o mehakay.
There are five of us, three women and two men.

Guest2: ya apira ngernan do kasa a ahep?
How much does it cost per night?

Md: teylilima a ranaw o teysa a ka tao.
It is five hundred NT dollars per person.

Guest2: ya macivilang o kanen do alima a ranaw?
Does that include meals?

Md: nohon.

Guest1: simango am koman?
When do we eat?

Md: si anem a ka vatvatek.
Six o'clock.

Guest1: wajin na yanan no kareyan?
Where is the restroom?

Md: ori do kaozi, o parioriosan am, ori do kawanan;
It's to the left. The bathroom is to the right. This is your room key.

Ma,So: Mangday, kehakay kong.
Good evening, Mangday.

Md: wo, kamo nikacimoyan, to kamo rana ngísan jia an?
Oh, you're soaked. You should stay here for the night.

Ma,So: nohon.