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ili At the village

Sompo (So) and Masaray (Ma) ride a motorcycle toward Jiraralay.


So: omavang ta do aleleh a mangay do Jiraralay an.
Let's take a car to Jiraralay.

Ma: ya atlo rana o ya ko niangayan a ili, ikongo pa ili ya ko ji niangayan?
I have been to three different villages now. What villages have I still not visited?

So: ímaorod a ka no ívalino, a ka no íranmilek.
There are still three villages left: Imaorod, Ivalino, and Iranmilek.

Ma: waranay! Vahay da o ya maráhem ito?
Oh, are those structures that go deep into the ground their houses?

So: nohon, o ri o ngongyod a vahay namen a tao.
Yes, that is the traditional Yami house.

Ma: ji ánnget o mitkeh do dang?
Isn't it hot to sleep in there?

So: no mánnget am, ya ji ngían so tagakal ito, a ka no makarang a ’itkehan.
When it is hot, you can sleep on the porch or in the workhouse.

Ma: ya masazówsaw do tagakal, ya apía á pilingalingayan.
It is cool on the porch, and there is a good view.

So: wo, ya macimoy, apia ya?
Oh, it's raining. What do we do?

Ma: to ta rana ngísan do jia an?
We can spend the night here.

So: nohon, mi ta kalaen si Mangday a kaisan ta do dang.
Ok, let's go find Mangday and spend the night with him.