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kagagan Meeting friends

Sompo (So) and Masaray (Ma) go to the local township office to look for Mateneng (Mt), Sompo's younger cousin. They make plans to go out to a karaoke and meet his friends Masaray (Mg, female), Likdem (Li, female), and Mangday (Md, male).


So: ka maymai jia a mianoanood?
Do you sing here often?

Mt: ji abo, no ya mian so ya manci niaken am, o ri ko yai.
No, I only come when my friends invite me.

Ma: ikong nio vazay no ya mahep?
What do you do for fun during the night?

Mg: maneysavat do keysakan.
Go catch crabs at the sea, of course.

Md: manita so dianshi (television), no tomakatakaw am, mangay do wangka ( cybercafe).
Watch TV, sometimes I go to a netcafe.

Li: makawakawalam a minom so saki.
Talk and drink.

Ma: cígyan o zakzaka mo.
Wow, your necklace is beautiful.

Li: mo ikákza? ípamareng ko imo so asa an?
Do you like it? Do you want me to make one for you?

Ma: ji ka makamo.
How could I accept that?

So: Mateneng, pianoanoodi.
Sing, Mateneng?

Ma: ya apía o ngoso mo, pianoanood pa.
You have a nice voice. Sing another song.

Md: ow, ya na máhep, mi ko na an, ta pasoikan ko pa aleleh ko so aneng.
Oh, it's late, and I still need to get gas! I need to go.

Ma: si abo o vazay namen am, mi namen kalaen imo an?
We'll go see you when we have time.