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koman Eating Breakfast

Mom (In) called sompo (So) and masaray (Ma) to breakfast. Then, masaray and sompo went to Jiayo again, this time to visit Orchid Island Junior High School.


In: áriag kamo rana si kavakes mo.
Bring your friend over for breakfast.

So: ikong o riagen ta?
What's for breakfast?

In: nitjipan a wakay a ka no among.
Peeled sweet potatoes and fish.

Ma: nge, apía kanen o wakay.
Mm, sweet potato is good!

In: na mákan ni kavakes mo o wakay?!
Your friend dares to eat sweet potato?!

So: nona, na ji akéyan o sosoli.
She likes taro too.

In: makábsoy ka, ta mákcin ka an.
Eat some more, or you will go hungry.

Ma: nohon, ayoy, ya apía o asoy no among.
Ok, thank you. The fish soup is very good!

In: ya apía si kavakes mo, ya makakákan.
Your friend isn't picky with food. That's great.

So: nge, ya ji apía o ri.
Yeah, she's pretty good.

In: kamo mangay jino siciaraw ya?
Where are you going today?

So: namen mangay do Jiayo.
We are going to Jiayo.

In: ning.