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ipiminaminasi Greetings

Sompo (So) and Masaray (Ma) are college classmates. After they had just graduated in June, Sompo took Masaray on a trip to Orchid Island. When they get to Sompo's home, they greet her mother.


So: ina kong.
Good morning, mom!

In: ákokay, kagagan mo o ito?
Hello! Is this your friend?

So: nóhon, si kavakes ya.
Yes, she is my female friend.

Ma: kókay, kaminan kong.
Nice to meet you.

In: kókay, ka apía tao.
Hello. You are very beautiful.

Ma: ya abo, ya apiápia tao si kavakes am.
Oh, no, my (female) friend (pointing to Sompo) is more beautiful than I.

In: ya magága si kavakes mo.
Your friend is very outgoing!

So: nona, ya ji agága o ri, o ri ya ko ngaranan jia si Masaray.
She is indeed very outgoing, so I call her si Masaray (meaning very happy)

In: ya pa malaváyo sira ina na?
Are her parents still very young?

So: nohon, ya pa ji alaváyo sira ina na.
Yes, her parents are indeed still very young.

So: mi ko ipiyowyaw si kavakes an.
I'm taking my friend out.

In: nohon, ángay kamo, manga ovay.
Ok, go ahead, darlings.

Ma: mi namen rana an.
Good bye!

In: nohon.