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Book 2Lesson 1kakawan Weather
Book 2Lesson 2mikangin Typhoon is coming
Book 2Lesson 3rayon Flying fish season
Book 2Lesson 4vahay no tao Visiting a traditional house
Book 2Lesson 5do tagakal On the porch
Book 2Lesson 6meyngen o ngepen Tooth ache
Book 2Lesson 7mangay do koysang Go to the hospital
Book 2Lesson 8ya mian so avang The shipped goods are coming
Book 2Lesson 9macikavang Catch a ride
Book 2Lesson 10omavang do sikoki Taking a plane
Book 3Lesson 1mangahahap Go fishing
Book 3Lesson 2rahet aka no oyod Fish for men and fish for women
Book 3Lesson 3kois no tao Miniature pigs
Book 3Lesson 4koman so ciai Eating logans
Book 3Lesson 5aney o ango ko Give back my pandanous fruit
Book 3Lesson 6man’acing¹ so kois圈豬腳(拌豬)
Book 3Lesson 7nisomlet o lima My hand is stuck in a hole
Book 3Lesson 8nikaroan da a rarakeh被放鴿子
Book 3Lesson 9manazang so yakan Buy the vegetables
Book 3Lesson 10kankanen no mamili so kanen Pregnant women's food